Gloves Marlin Armor 3 mm

Marlin Armor 3 mm - neoprene gloves, the palm and fingers of which are protected by kevlar. Unique durability of kevlar allows using the gloves wreck diving enthusiasts, underwater archaeologists, industrial divers, hunters and for amateur fishermen. The inner and the outer coating is nylon. The anatomical cut of the gloves provides comfort during the donning or wearing. The gloves is manufactured using eco-friendly, premium limestone neoprene and fabrics materials from the world's leading manufacturer, Sheico.

Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

- neoprene thickness - 3 mm;
- soft elastic neoprene;
- eco-friendly, premium limestone neoprene Sheico L;
- the aqua-base lamination glue is solvent free;
- palm and fingers protected by kevlar;
- outer coating: nylon;
- internal coating: nylon;
- anatomic cut.

Model name Armor
Glove type Five-fingered
Neoprene thickness (mm) 3
Neoprene brand Sheico L
Outer cover Nylon
Internal coating Nylon
Features of putting on Put on a dry hand
Waterlock system No
Velcro fastening on wrist No
Coating on palm and fingers Kevlar
Color Black

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Neoprene gloves
Palm circumference (cm)

How to choose the size of neoprene gloves?

To choose the correct size of neoprene gloves, you need to measure the circumference of your hand. Wrap the measuring tape around your palm at the level of the base of your little finger and index finger. The measurement must be taken on the right hand (if you are left-handed, on the left hand).

Check your measurement with the size chart.

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