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Neoprene gloves: protection and comfort underwater

Neoprene gloves are an indispensable piece of equipment for divers and spearfishers. They not only protect your hands from cold, cuts and the abrasive effects of the seabed, but also improve grip on underwater equipment and trophies. Buying neoprene gloves means investing in your safety and comfort while diving.

Gloves for diving and spearfishing differ in neoprene thickness, degree of protection and design. When choosing gloves, it is worth considering the conditions in which you plan to use them. The marlin gloves and other diving gloves in our range are suitable for both cold and warm water, providing reliable protection and comfort.

How to choose neoprene gloves

When choosing neoprene gloves, it is important to pay attention to several aspects:

Neoprene thickness

  • Summer: Gloves with a thickness of 1-2 mm are suitable for warm water, providing protection and maintaining sensitivity of the fingers.

  • Cold Water: For cold conditions, gloves with a thickness of 3-5 mm or thicker are recommended to provide additional insulation and keep your hands warm.

Degree of protection

  • Lightweight protection: Gloves with a thin layer of neoprene are suitable for light diving where tactile sensitivity is important.

  • Increased Protection: Models with reinforced palms, fingers or additional coating are suitable for technical diving and spearfishing.

Why should you buy neoprene gloves from us?

In our online store you will find a wide range of neoprene gloves for various types of water activities. Buying neoprene gloves for spearfishing from us is a guarantee of quality and comfort. We offer:

  • Wide selection: We offer gloves in a variety of thicknesses and designs, including specialized models for spearfishing and diving.

  • High quality: We only sell proven gloves from leading manufacturers, which guarantees their durability and reliability.

  • Attractive prices: Our store offers gloves at competitive prices, and also regularly holds promotions and offers discounts.

By choosing gloves in our store, you will provide yourself not only with protection in the underwater world, but also with ease of use, which is especially important during long dives.