Marlin fins

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When you decide to buy fins for spearfishing, our online store offers you a wide selection of fins specifically designed to meet the needs of both experienced divers and novice underwater enthusiasts. Buying fins for snorkeling from us will also not be difficult due to the variety of available models.

Types of fins:

  • Long and Short Fins: Long fins are ideal for diving and spearfishing due to their high efficiency in propulsion, while short fins are preferred for snorkeling and surface swimming.

  • Open or Closed Heel Fins: Open heel fins provide better support when wearing dive boots, while closed heel models are ideal for warm water swimming.

  • One- and two-piece blades: The combination of polypropylene and rubber makes the blades not only durable and wear-resistant, but also optimizes energy transfer with each stroke.

Advantages of modern developments:

  • Special holes: They speed up the flow of water and lighten the load on your legs, making every stroke more effective.

  • Anti-slip heel: Provides excellent grip on the boot, preventing the fin from accidentally slipping while diving.

  • Well-fitting galosh: Provides comfort and ease of wearing, allowing you to focus on diving and exploring the underwater world.

Why is it worth buying fins from us?

When choosing to buy fins for swimming or buy fins for hunting in our store, you get access to a carefully selected assortment from leading manufacturers. We only offer models that meet the highest standards of quality and comfort, ensuring that every dive you make is as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Our range of fins are designed with the latest technology in scuba diving, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy high quality fins.