Ear plugs + Nose Clip Marlin Swim Blue

The Marlin Swim Set includes earplug and nose clip, which provide maximum protection against water ingress during your swim. The earplugs are made of hypoallergenic and very soft silicone, and the specialized three-coil shape prevents water from entering the ear canal. Thanks to these design features, the earplugs are suitable for both men and women. The nose clip prevents water entering into the nasal cavity.

WARNING: Earplugs should not be used for diving, only for swimming.

The set is completed with a plastic box for easy storage and transportation.

- earplug length: 3 cm;
- nose clip length: 3.5cm;
- earplug material: hypoallergenic silicone;
- nose clip material: hypoallergenic silicone, plastic;
- plastic box included.

Recommendations for use For swimming

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