Marlin spiral carabiner

The Marlin spiral carabiner for spearguns is considered the most reliable due to its specific shape. It takes some time to connect the carabiner to the line, but the end result is a strong connection. The guarantee of durability is the design with spiral instead of lock, and also sufficient thickness and stiffness of the wire. The spiral design has 3 coils, allowing you to quickly put the line on and keep it from coming off. The 2.4 mm thick hardened stainless wire only deforms after a 200 kg load. The spiral lock will not open as with most carabiners, but will coil around the axis.

- stainless steel wire, diameter: 2 mm;
- carabiner length: 70 mm;
- spring diameter: 13 mm;
- internal diameter of the working part: 3.8 mm;
- diameter of part for attaching the line: 8 mm;
- material: AISI304 stainless steel.

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