Fins Marlin Swift Yellow

  • Fins Marlin Swift Yellow
  • Fins Marlin Swift Yellow
  • Fins Marlin Swift Yellow
  • Fins Marlin Swift Yellow
  • Fins Marlin Swift Yellow
  • Fins Marlin Swift Yellow
Available in colors:

The Marlin Swift Fins are a compact and lightweight fins for snorkeling. The comfortable soft footpocket made from flexible and tactile rubber, allows to be worn on bare feet. One pair Marlin Swift fins has several sizes: S-M (38-41) or L-XL (42-46). The rubber strap with quick-release buckles allows you to quickly and easily adjust the size you need. The adjustable size would enable the same fin to be used by all the members of a family, or by a group of friends. The dual composite blade efficiently channels water to help reduce ankle fatigue while the fin length makes it perfect for travel. The sole of the footpocket for safe movement, on the shore or in a boat, is made of hard plastic with anti-slip rubber inserts. The upper part of the rubber footpocket compensates for the stiffness of the stroke and does not chafe the skin.
Marlin Swift fins are an indispensable accessory for your beach holiday, and their lightweight and compact design makes them ideal for travel.

Marlin Swift Fins are available in colors: black, blue, pink, yellow.

Available sizes: S-M (38-41), L-XL (42-46).

- type: open heel fins;
- adjustable size: S-M (38-41) or L-XL (42-46);
- soft footpocket designed to be worn on bare feet;
- anti-slip system on the heel;
- ergonomic shape ideal for snorkeling;
- compact and lightweight design is ideal for travel;
- weight of one fin: 0.380-0.480 kg (S/M-L/XL, depending on size);
- blade length: 22.5-25.5 cm (S/M-L/XL, depending on size);
- total length of fins: 47-51.5 cm (S/M-L/XL, depending on the size).
Blade length S-M - 22,5 cm, L-XL - 25,5 cm
Blade material Technopolymer
Fins type Open Heel
Footpocket material Thermoplastic rubber
Strap material Thermoplastic rubber
Total length S-M - 47 cm, L-XL - 51,5 cm
We recommend wearing fins on Bare foot, neoprene socks
Weight of one fin S-M - 380 g, L-XL - 480 g
Model name Swift
Age Adult
Recommendations for use Snorkeling
Color Black/Yellow

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