Dry sack Marlin Dry Tube 2.0 60L Blue

  • Dry sack Marlin Dry Tube 2.0 60L Blue
  • Dry sack Marlin Dry Tube 2.0 60L Blue
  • Dry sack Marlin Dry Tube 2.0 60L Blue
  • Dry sack Marlin Dry Tube 2.0 60L Blue
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The Marlin Dry Tube 2.0 60L is a convenient hermetic bag of 60 liters volume for transportation of personal items and equipment. It is made of 500 DEN PVC that is not only highly durable but also very flexible. The RollProff closing system is fully tight but is very easy to use - the neck of the product is folded several times and the edges are closed by a fastener.
On the front side is a pocket with a zipper. In addition to a carrying handle, there are two removable, adjustable shoulder straps that allow you to carry the dry bag as a backpack (the 10 liter version comes with one shoulder strap). Used material, welded seams and closure system provides full tightness even if bag falls into the water.
A wide range of modifications of different volumes gives you a possibility to find a suitable bag for any purpose from camping to long rafting trips on mountain rivers.
The Marlin Dry Tube 2.0 hermetic bag is a great solution for all weather conditions.

The Marlin Dry Tube 2.0 hermetic bags are available in versions with volumes of 10L, 20L, 30L, 40L, 60L, 80L, 110L.

Hermetic bags with a volume of 60 liters are available in colors: blue, orange.

- material: PVC;
- material density: 500 DEN;
- volume: 60 liters;
- weight: 0.845 kg;
- dimensions LxWxH: 76х36х36 cm;
- pocket size: 27х27 cm; 
- RollProff closing system;
- high durability;
- resistance to abrasion;
- high-quality fittings.

Additional features External pocket
Adjustable volume Yes
Dimensions (Length X Width X Height) 36х36х76 cm
Material PVC, density 500 DEN
Shoulder strap Yes
Volume (L) 60 L
Waterproof Yes
Weight 0.845 kg
Model name Dry Tube 2.0
Recommendations for use Universal, for transporting personal items and equipment
Color Blue

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