Buoy Marlin Kym orange

  • Buoy Marlin Kym orange
  • Buoy Marlin Kym orange
  • Buoy Marlin Kym orange
  • Buoy Marlin Kym orange
  • Buoy Marlin Kym orange
  • Buoy Marlin Kym orange
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Available in colors:

The buoy serves to mark the location of the diver. The bright colors of the buoy are clearly visible from afar.

Marlin Kym multifunctional buoy raft allows:

- mark the location of the scuba diver;

- accommodate a large amount of basic and additional equipment: guns, harpoons, spear tips, lights, weights, water, etc.

- the diver can have a rest by putting his arm around a buoy or leaning on it with his chest.

The buoy has a two-layer construction. The outer layer is made of PVC with density of 600DEN and protects the buoy from cuts, the inner chamber is made of PVC. The bright color of the buoy and the flag will protect you from accidental boats and other watercrafts. The floating line holder is fixed 15 cm away from the buoy nose that lets you keep the buoy in the water while transporting it on the water. 3 cm wide nylon strap is added to give additional durability to the buoy.

Included in set: floating line 20 m, dive flag.

The Marlin Kym buoy is available in colors: orange, red.

- elastic lacing on top for securing bulky items (water bottle, etc.);
- fasteners for sperguns on the right and left side of the buoy;
- fasteners for spare harpoons;
- comfortable carrying handle;
- internal pocket with double Velcro for small items;
- stainless and plastic D-rings for attaching additional equipment;
- the buoy has dimensions L x W x H - 77cm x 28cm x 10cm;
- the set includes a floating line and a flag.

Buoy design Two layer
Material PVC
Color Orange

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