Line Marlin Dyneema 2 mm Black/Green

  • Line Marlin Dyneema 2 mm Black/Green
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Line Marlin Dyneema 2 mm - heavy-duty cord made of high molecular weight polyethylene. The interlacing of threads in the core increases resistance to tearing, and the closely spaced fibers of the winding from the same Dyneema help reduce the load on the core and increase its resistance to abrasion. The breaking force is not less than 140 kg. The tightly woven core and braid make it virtually waterproof. Line in water retains its elasticity and is easily controlled.

Marlin Dyneema Line 2 mm are available in colors: black/greengreen/white, orange.

Marlin Dyneema Line are available in diameter: 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm, 2 mm.

- diameter: 2 mm;
- 100% Dyneema;
- round, resilient cord;
- easy to control;
- resists abrasion;
- color: green/white;
- breaking strength not less than 140 kg.

Recommendations for use For the underwater gun

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