Snorkel Marlin Evo Black

  • Snorkel Marlin Evo Black
  • Snorkel Marlin Evo Black
  • Snorkel Marlin Evo Black
  • Snorkel Marlin Evo Black
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The Marlin Evo is the classic semi-rigid snorkel for spearfishing. The shape of the snorkel follows the shape of the head as well as possible, providing better hydrodynamics during holding dives. The anatomical mouthpiece is made of soft hypoallergenic silicone. The matte anti-reflective coating eliminates sun glare. The snorkel has a adjustable mask strap retaining clip. Ergonomic design makes the snorkel extremely comfortable and suitable for both beginners and professional spearfishers.

- semi-rigid design;
- hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece;
- adjustable mask strap retaining clip;
- ergonomic shape ideal for spearfishing;
- matte anti-reflective coating.

Attachment to mask strap Yes
Bottom valve No
Corrugated section of the tube No
Mouthpiece material High quality hypoallergenic silicone
Replaceable mouthpiece Yes
Silicone color Black
Snorkel rigidity Semi-rigid
Snorkel type Basic
Splash guard No
Top valve No
Tube section shape Round
Model name Classic Evo
Age Adult
Recommendations for use Apnea, Spearfishing
Color Black

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