Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black

  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
  • Wetsuit Free Lady 5 mm Black
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The Marlin Free Lady wetsuit is a versatile wetsuit for freediving, spearfishing and training in the pool.
The anatomic "freediver" cut provides unparalleled comfort, maximum freedom of movement and facilitates the position of the arms above the head. The wetsuit is manufactured using eco-friendly, premium limestone neoprene and fabrics materials from the world's leading manufacturer, Sheico. Open cell on the inside of the wetsuit provide maximum thermal insulation and the ultraspan outer coating protects the wetsuit from mechanical damage and adds freedom of movement due to the hyper-stretchiness. The wetsuit consists of a jacket with hood, and pants with high waist, without straps.  The jacket has a raglan cut which is perfect for freediving, increasing the comfort and giving the wetsuit a perfect fit. 
The wetsuit has "soft seams" thanks to gluing with a specialized glue. The surface seams are made with double thread weaving on specialized German equipment. All the edges of the wetsuit are overlocked, which prevents the fabric from tearing, thus increasing its lifetime.
Wetsuit Marlin Free is a perfect choice for trainings in the pool and outdoors.

Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL.

1 year warranty for seam gluing.

Wetsuit Marlin Free is also available for men.

- soft elastic neoprene;
- eco-friendly, premium limestone neoprene Sheico L;
- the aqua-base lamination glue is solvent free;
- anatomic "freediver" cut with 28 details;
- outer cover: ultraspan;
- internal coating: open cell;
- raglan sleeve;
- pants with high waist;
- knees protected with duratex material;
- possibility to adjust the length of the suit independently.

Model name Free
Age Adult
Gender Female
Wetsuit type Two-piece (Hooded jacket+Pants)
Neoprene thickness (mm) 5
Neoprene brand Sheico L
Pants type High waist
Closure system 2 clip beaver tail
Outer cover Ultraspan
Internal coating Open Cell
Features of putting on Put on using soapy water
Elbow protectors No
Knee protectors Yes
Waterlock system No
Bottom of jacket nylon/nylon Yes
Nylon coated neoprene on the ears (inside hood) No
Pocket on the hip No
Bib No
Knife mount No
Sleeve length Full
Leg length Full
Possibility of self-adjustment of sleeve and pants leg lengths Yes
Hood Built-in
Number of details 19
Recommendations for use Freediving, spearfishing
Recommended water temperature (°C) 18-24
Color Black

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Wetsuit FREE LADY (size chart for women)
SizeWeight (kg)Height (cm)Chest (cm)Waist (cm)Hips (cm)

How to find your size of a wetsuit?

1.  To select the correct wetsuit size, you need to take the following measurements:
      - Height.
      - Chest circumference.
      - Waist circumference.
      - Hips circumference.
2.  To make your measurements as accurate as possible, follow these recommendations:
      - Measurements should be taken in underwear.
      - It is better to take measurements not on your own, but with someone else’s help, as this will allow you to get a more correct result.
      - At the time of measurement, you must stand without tension, maintaining your usual posture.
      - The measuring tape should fit snugly to the body along the line being measured, and it should not be allowed to sag or tighten.
3.  How to take measurements correctly:
      - Height. Stand with your back to the wall, feet together. Straighten up. Your heels, back, shoulders and head should be touching the wall. Tuck your chin in and look straight ahead. Make a mark on the wall above your head with a                  pencil. Use a measuring tape to measure the distance from the floor to the pencil mark.
      - Chest circumference. Place the measuring tape across the back of your shoulder blades, across the armpits and across the nipple points at the front, making sure the measuring tape runs exactly horizontally.
      - Waist circumference. Lay the measuring tape horizontally around your torso at the waist line, taking into account the protrusion of your abdomen. The waist is slightly below the level of the ribs and just above the navel.
      - Hips circumference. Place the measuring tape through the prominent points of the buttocks horizontally around the torso.
4.  Check your measurements with the size chart.

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