Quick-Release Cargo Vest Marlin Neo 6 Haki

Marlin Neo 6 Quick-Release Cargo Vest is made of nylon 600 Den.

The Neo vest can be used by people of different builds. It easily adjusts to the size of the chest without hindering the diver's movements. The size is regulated by the straps coming from the fastex which are located above the swimmer's chest.

Pockets are located on the vest to relieve the lower back as much as possible. Pockets sizes fo cargo is 10.5x11 cm. On the front side, there is a capacious trapezoidal book pocket 15x7.5-9.5 cm for the necessary little things and unexpected finds.

Vest ditching is possible in one movement. Fastex is easy to feel with your fingers, even in a thick winter gloves. After pressing the fastex, its halves slip through the retaining rings, and the vest leaves the diver. The use of high quality accessories and nylon 600DEN improves durability. The vest also has a loop for attaching a stopper under the belt.

Available models: 6 pockets, 8 pockets.

- number of pockets: 6;
- load up to 8 kg;
- pocket for accessories;
- adjustable fastex fastener;
- universal size;
- material: Nylon 600DEN.

Material Nylon 600D
Number of cargo pockets 6
Pocket for accessories Yes
Knife mount No
Color Haki camo

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