Lens for mask Marlin Superba (negative)

  • Lens for mask Marlin Superba (negative)
Optical power:

Corrective lens for Marlin Superba. Optical power range of -5 ... -1.5 and +1 ... +3 in 0.5 dioptre increments for right and left lens. Lenses of different optical power can be set for different eyes. Please refer to your eyeglass prescription or the power values of the glasses you are currently wearing when choosing your corrective lenses. The Marlin Superba mask with corrective lenses will give you superior vision underwater!

Suitable for masks Marlin Superba.

- material: tempered glass;
- optical power "-" (negative): -5; -4.5; -4; -3.5; -3; -2.5; -2; -1.5;
- optical power "+" (positive): +1; +1.5; +2; +2.5; +3;
- compatible with Marlin Superba mask.

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