Snorkel Marlin One Black

  • Snorkel Marlin One Black
  • Snorkel Marlin One Black
  • Snorkel Marlin One Black
  • Snorkel Marlin One Black
  • Snorkel Marlin One Black
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The Marlin One is an lightweight snorkel with positive buoyancy for spearfishing and freediving. The snorkel has a one-piece construction and is made of two-component polymer material with different levels of hardness. The mouthpiece and the main part of the snorkel are made of elastic and soft polymer and the outside part of the snorkel bend is made of a more elastic polymer.  This combination of materials prevents the snorkel from shifting or coming off when it comes into contact with snags and other objects, as well as creating less noise. The shape of the snorkel follows the shape of the head as well as possible, providing better hydrodynamics during holding dives. The snorkel is equipped with a attachment to the mask strap.

The Marlin One Snorkels are available in colors: blackblack/grey, black/green.

- light weight;
- positive buoyancy;
- made of two-component polymer;
- one-piece construction;
- weight 73 grams;
- attachment to the mask strap.

Additional features Positive buoyancy
Attachment to mask strap Yes
Bottom valve No
Corrugated section of the tube No
Mouthpiece material High quality hypoallergenic silicone
Replaceable mouthpiece No
Snorkel rigidity Semi-rigid
Snorkel type Basic
Splash guard No
Top valve No
Tube section shape Round
Model name One
Age Adult
Recommendations for use Apnea, Spearfishing
Color Black

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